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About Me

Howdy! I am Swaroop. I love meeting new people and get to know their culture and traditions. One of my dream travelling countries include Switzerland. I work on open source technologies and a FOSS fan! I use Ubuntu and the xfce4 desktop environment on my machine. xfce's sleek and elegant design is simply amazing and I feel very comfortable working in it! I am current pursuing my Masters in Computer Applications in Bangalore, IN. I am also a music lover and a guitarist!

I run a blog at wordpress, but I was unhappy because it was inflexible to my customization needs. So a friend of mine Vipin Nair suggested me to use jekyll for blogging but I was unsure.

Github has always helped me to host all my projects source files and facilitate social coding. And the thing that I was most impressed was, Vipin told me that you can have a complete blog built using jekyll and host it via Github Pages. Dayanand Prabhu also gave an excellent talk on jekyll at Barcamp XII which was really inspiring.

Github simply rocks! So I finally decided to start blogging using jekyll. This site is completely built using jekyll and the source code is open-sourced at Github.

Happy Coding!

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